U.S. Professor Explains Relationship Between Loss of Sense of Smell and O’Micron Mutation

Khoshben sheikho – Xeber24.net

“Those who have lost their sense of smell due to CORONAvirus usually suffer the consequences of the disease for a long time,” said Ancha Paranova, a professor at George Mason University’s School of Systems Biology.
She explained that the sense of smell enters the human nerve system, yet there is currently no complete information on complications of tracking the infections of the “Omicron” mutation, but previous strains have shown that those who have lost their sense of smell suffer from long-term syndrome in the post-Covid period.

The professor added that the loss of the sense of smell in the event of omicron axis gives rise to the hope that the path of post-Covid syndrome will be lighter or will take place in another form.

“Other symptoms, including extreme fatigue and stress, have been associated with Covid’s disease since its first days, she said, noting that elderly people with chronic diseases are more likely to develop such symptoms.

Source: Life.

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