Akkar: We continue to fight Kurdistan while maintaining our relations with Erbil and Baghdad

Kajin Ahmed –

Turkish Defense Minister” Khalousi Akkar” claimed that his country’s forces continue to fight PKK fighters despite bad weather conditions and difficult terrain, while maintaining ties with both the Kurdistan Regional and Federal Iraqi governments.

In a meeting with his army commanders via video conferencing on Monday, Akkar claimed that their war with Kurdish fighters was continuing despite difficult weather and terrain, claiming that there had been a breakdown among the Krilla fighters.

“We will continue our operations and pressure, and we will destroy PKK shelters and bunkers,” he said.

“In doing so, we maintain our relations with both Erbil and Baghdad in a constructive and law-abiding manner, and seek positive developments,” Akkar said. This is the way to ensure our security,” We will continue to work here shoulder to shoulder.”

He also touched on developments in Kirkuk, Kurdistan, claiming that “it is very important for us to protect Turkmen rights in Kirkuk, and we are following developments closely.”

Turkish Defense Minister “Khalousi Akkar” said: Turkey is seeking calm and stability in the Black Sea within the framework of international laws and agreements.

“We are striving for calm to return to the Black Sea, and we hope that activities in the Black Sea will continue in accordance with international law, without causing tension or escalation of events, within the framework of the agreements and rules we have agreed upon,” he said.

Translated by: khoshben Sheikho.

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