Amidst the intensification of the battles with the PKK fighters, Turkey sends an entire ‘army’ by air and land to the borders of the Kurdistan region

Brusk Hassan – xeber24.net

Turkey launched the “Lightning and Thunderbolt” claw operations in the regions of Matina, Afashin and Zab in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, since April 23, with the aim of increasing its incursion into the territory of the region and Iraq to a depth of 50 km.

And the Turkish army was exposed to surprise attacks by PKK militants, during Operation Lightning Claw and Thunderbolt, as well as in Operation IRN 13, which Turkey is waging simultaneously in Chernakh, Cogorgi, Hakkari and Judy.

After the Turkish operations stalled and no progress was made in the war field, additional forces were called to the field of operations, to the Chernach area on the border strip with the Kurdistan region.

The border areas witnessed intensive military movements by land and air, and witnessed convoys of armored vehicles and troop carriers heading towards the Chernach area, which is considered a zero point for the border with the Kurdistan region of Iraq.

This was accompanied by heavy helicopters and warplanes flying, and special units were sent to the border line during the day. With the takeoff of the warplanes from Diyarbakir.

Turkey continues its military operations on both sides of the border, while Sikorsky helicopters, flying from the leadership of the 23rd Infantry Division in Chernach, and the transfer of troops and soldiers to the area of ​​operations.

On the other hand, the helicopters did not stop flying during the hours of the night, and it is believed that they were transporting the wounded and dead Turkish soldiers who were killed in the intense battles with the PKK militants who use guerrilla warfare as their method of war.

Dozens of armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles were dispatched from Chernach to the field of operations, amid the sound of heavy shelling rocking the area.

Warplanes flew from Diyarbakir and bombed Matina, Afashin, Basian, and Jokorje, while the operation is being supported 24 hours by drones and armed drones.

Observers believe that Turkey is working to occupy lands from the Kurdistan region of Iraq and establish a safe zone similar to those in Syria.

Turkey suffered the biggest defeat in Operation Gary, after the killing of soldiers and captives in the cave after its planes bombed the prisoners with missiles.

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