Activists and Media calling for Self-management to finish “Al Tay” area file in Qamishlo

Berusk Hssan – Xeber 24.net

“Al Tay” area is the south of the city of Qamishlo, has witnessed Last night violent and mediocre clasheshs between
Al-Asayish forces and elements of the security Council among the “Syrian Regime’s” national defense agents, the latter targeted an official within the Internal security forces at a barrier.

The incident in which th member of Asayish forces has lost his life during the clashes, led to the outburst of the Kurdish and Syrian in General, which led to the outburst of full clashes Last night, that the two sides used a heavy and medium weapons.

The area where national defense person el are stationed has witnessed and exoudus of families to Self-management areas.

A reported qouted in “Xeber 24” from the scene of the clashes as Vedio footage, when Asayish forces had to protect those families and Take them to the safe places.

Last night’s clashes aren’t the first One, but “Al Tay” streets has witnessed similar clashes between the two sides, and the forces of “SDF”, Asayish forces and the Self-Administration refused ti engage.

The fact that, the area has hundreds of families, but this time, there are calls from those families that, they should be rid of those elements, that they mess with the security of that area and engage in ”
Theft, looting, drug trafficking and smuggling.

In the same race, many Kurdish and Syrian activitists and
Media professionals called on the Self-Administration to finish the Status of” Al Tay” streets, which controlled by National Defense elements.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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