The German government is preparing to launch a new corporate aid package to prevent bankruptcy

Berusk Hassan – Xeber 24.net

The German government has to prepared a new aid package for companies that suffering from Coved-19 constraints.

Assistance under the title of grant support will be provide to covee fixed expanses of enterprises.

And Corona’s new Assistance will be available to companies that have lost at least 3 months and at least 50% of their sales between November 2020 and June 2021.

And the companies will be able to apply under Coved-19 aid to bridge third aid from Yesterday Wednesday.

Those who have previously applied for third aid, will apply by deleting the application log for adjustment to utilization of property “Rights Grant Equity” support.

Companies will recieve Assistance to cover fixed expaenses such as” rent, electricity costs, loan interest and insurance costs.

The spokesman for the Federal Development of Economy said: “they wanted to prevent corporate bankruptcy with new aid.

The Ministry’s spokesman said that, the situation with Corona remained serious, which is” why companies needed our support.?

Translated by:khoshbin sheikho.

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