Internal Security Forces “Asayish” find two decomposing bodies in Al-Hol camp

Kajin Ahmad – Xeber24.net

Confessions of members of the terrorist group ISIS, who were captured by the Internal Security Forces of northern and eastern Syria during the “Humanitarian and Security” campaign, led to the discovery of two decomposing bodies in Al-Hol camp.

According to reporter”Xeber24″ from the region on Friday, that the internal security forces “Asayish” found two bodies decomposed and beheaded, in one of the sewer holes, after a member of the organization who arrested him during the campaign confessed.

Our correspondent explained that the confessions of this element led the Asayish forces to the first sector in Al-Hol camp, so that according to the information of the confessor, the bodies were found.

Our correspondent, quoting some security leaders, also reported that the bodies found were in complete disintegration, which means that they were killed a long time ago.

According to security sources, our correspondent indicated that the investigation is still underway with the arrested elements, and new information may be found.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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