U.S. Defense Secretary makes phone call to Greek counterpart after “Khalousi Akar’s” call

Khoshbin sheikho – Xeber24.net

Greek Defence Minister” Nikos Panagiotopoulos” briefed his U.S. counterpart “Lloyd Austin” on Thursday about Turkey’s behaviour in the eastern Mediterranean in 2020.

Prior to the phone call, which reportedly took place at Austin’s request, the U.S. secretary of Defence had also talked to his Turkish counterpart,” khalousi Akar”.

“Panagiotopoulos” reportedly gave” Austin” a detailed account of Greek-Turkish relations, pointing out the effects Ankara’s Behaviour could have on the cohesion of the NATO alliance and the security situation in the eastern Mediterranean.

The two ministers also expressed their common intention to expand and deepen the existing Mutual Defence Cooperation Agreement.

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