Strong reactions from the components of Northern and Eastern Syria against the Meeting of Syrian Tribes in Sri Kanie

Kajin Ahmad _ Xeber24.net

The so-called “Council of Syrian” Tribes “, formed by Turkish intelligence in the areas of what Turkey and its Syrian factions call the “spring of peace”, announced a conference on April 6 under the name of “The Meeting of Tribes and Large Tribes in the Spring of Peace”, meaning the areas of Sri Kaniya / Ras al-Ain and Gri Spei / Tal Abyad, areas occupied by Turkey with the participation of most Syrian opposition factions in a military operation in 2019 and took over the homes of civilians there after they were displaced from the city.

The Council claimed that, the conference would include representatives of the Arab, Turkmen, Kurdish, Yazidi, Christian and other clans, apparently through statements by those who claimed to represent these components, that the aim of this forum was to try to tarnish the image of the “SDF ” and the democratic self-administration of northern and eastern Syria, and to agree to fight them after claiming that self-administration was a separatist project, which fully embodies the so-called Turkish discourse.

In this regard, the joint president of the Yazidi house in the territory of the Island , “Leila Ibrahim” in a special statement to “Xeber24”, that, she could not identify the so-called “Nasser al-Hassan” who claims to represent the Yazidis in the so-called Council of Syrian Tribes and Tribes, which belongs to the Syrian and pro-Turkish coalition, and whatever this man represents only himself, and he does not represent the Yazidis in Syria.

She noted that the Yazidis in Sri Kani were the first to leave their areas during the Turkish occupation and the armed factions of the region, fearing that they would be re-exterminated by Turkey and the hardline Syrian factions loyal to it.

She pointed out that this conference, which they are in the process of holding, does not represent any Syrian component, because these areas have been displaced by Turkish forces and militant armed factions, which is just an attempt to legitimize the Turkish occupation of the area, which will be held by order of its intelligence.

For his part, a member of the administrative board of the dignitaries of Northern and Eastern Syria Mr. Fouad Abdul Aziz Ibrahim Pasha al-Melli, that the attempt to hold the so-called Conference of the Syrian Tribes and Tribes Forum in Sri Kanieh or Gri Spey, by some herds of mobs supported by the coalition, who mortgaged the Syrian issue in the hands of external agendas that want to tear the Syrian national fabric and national cohesion among the components of Syrian society in general Arabs, Kurds, Syrians and Assyrians Muslims, Christians and Yazidis.

Mr.” Fouad al-Melli” stressed that those who want to establish such a forum will not be able to move an inch of our national meat, but the paid beneficiaries who sold the homeland and nationalism for a handful of dollars, such as Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Pasha and his associates of the coalition mercenaries, represent only their own person.

He continued: “We in the Body of Dignitaries of northern and eastern Syria strongly condemn such futile movements over the land of a sleeper that fell in defense of hundreds of young people and fighters of the SDF”.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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