Self-administration of Northern and Eastern Syria grants license to new political current

Kajin Ahmad –

The Political Parties Affairs Committee of the Legislative Council for self-administration of northern and eastern Syria has granted the Syrian Reformist Movement permission to carry out its political activities legally within its regions.

On Wednesday, the competent committee issued a circular authorizing the new political current to begin its political activity, starting on the second day of the decision.

The Syrian Reformist Movement, headed by politician “Shukri Sheikhani”, announced at the third Syrian-Syrian Dialogue Forum in Kobane in 2019 that it had formally joined the Syrian Democratic Council.

It is worth mentioning that the Syrian reformist movement thanked the Legislative Council in the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria, on the occasion of the issuance of the circular of the license.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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