Under the slogan “Scream of Washo Kani” the unveiling of the martyr festival “Ekta” in its fifth edition in Qamishlo

Selava Omar –

On Saturday, the 5th Edition of the Martyr’s Festival , “Ekta Herkol”, under the theme “Scream of Washo Kani”, kicked off to sing the stage with distinctive theatrical performances.

The festival will be sponsored by The Theatre in Northern Syria, with the participation of 9 theatre groups, and the “Mohammed Sheikho” Center for Culture and Art in Qamshlo will be a venue for selected theatrical performances.

The festival will be held after preparations lasting nearly four months, during which it will present a number of theatrical works selected by the committee supervising the theatrical works, and will present a single theatrical performance every day.

The festival began for the first day with the arrival of attendees to the exhibition hall and then the events began by observing a “minute of silence” on the souls of the martyrs, and reading the message of the Day of the World Theater, and attended the festival all categories of Syrian society from Kurd, Arabs and Syria, and from different regions of Northern and Eastern Syria, and in the presence of members of the movement of culture and art in the north and east of Syria, but the international participation was absent due to the spread of the Corona pandemic.

During the opening ceremony, he presented some of the theatrical performances, reflecting the realities of the region and what it is witnessing, and the festival will continue until April 6th.

The festival is named “Martyr Yekta” in recognition of the sacrifice of the young Kurdish playwright Ekta Herkol, who set his body on fire in Aleppo’s “Saadallah Al-Jabri “square on 27/03/2004, in protest against repressive and racist policies against the Kurdish people by authoritarian regimes.

The festival is an annual tradition, but it was absent in 2018 due to Turkey’s occupation of Afrin and the festival was not held in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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