Self-administration announces the arrest of an ISIS leader in Al-Hol camp in Northeastern Syria

Kajin Ahmed –

The Internal Security Forces (ISF), which is part of the Democratic Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria, has arrested one of the leaders of the terrorist organization “Abu Saad al-Iraqi” in “al-Hol” camp East of Al-Hasakah, along with several other wanted men, the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of the Democratic Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria (ISIS) announced.

This came in a statement published on Sunday, which clarified the results of the first day of the campaign launched in cooperation with the SDF and the YPG, to cleanse the Al-Hol camp from ISIS cells.

“At 4:00 a.m. on March 28, we launched an expanded campaign called the Campaign for Humanity and Security,” the statement said. “5,000 members of the “Asayish” forces are participating in this campaign with the support of the SDF, the People’s Protection Units and women.”

“The campaign was conducted on its first day as planned, which aims to cleanse the Al-Hol camp of ISIS cells there, and to purge it of ISIS mercenaries,” he said.

“On the first day of the campaign, nine people were arrested, including those accused of belonging to ISIS mercenaries whose names were on the search list,” the statement said.

“Among the detainees is a mercenary leader known as “Abu Saad al-Iraqi”, who has long recruited people for “DAESH”,” he said.

“As part of the campaign, residents in the camp’s neighborhoods were counted, and after the Censuss were completed, residents were returned to their neighborhoods,” the internal security forces said in a statement.

“With the aim of making this campaign a success without shortcomings, the internal security forces as well as self-governing institutions and relief organizations have continued their humanitarian work without interruption, and in the meantime the campaign continues,” she said.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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