General “Mazlum Abdi” comments on Turkish sentence of “Jejak Kobane”

Kajin Ahmed –

The commander of the SDF, General “Mazlum Abdi”, commented on the Turkish sentence against the daughter of the city of Kobane “Jejak”, after she was kidnapped from Syrian territory, and considered it to be against international law.

The general said in a tweet, posted on his official account via “Twitter” on Saturday, the daughter of Kobane “Jejak” was kidnapped from Syrian territory in 2019, and sentenced to life in Turkish courts, which is against international laws.

Kobane’s daughter ” Jejak” is not the first to suffer such a violation, the case of ” Jejak” and her companions is our case that we will work on until they are safely returned,” he said.

“Jejak Kobane”, who served as a member of the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), was arrested as part of the medical staff after a foot injury, during the Turkish attack on the city of Sri Kani in October 2019, and then abducted to Turkish territory for hearings before Turkish courts.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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