“Xeber24″ monitors new developments on the fronts of Manbij and north of Aleppo”

Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

Fierce clashes broke out between the SDF and the Turkish-backed Syrian coalition armed factions on the “Kafr Khashir” front north of Aleppo City.

Sources confirmed “Xeber24”, that the SDF, responded to the military escalation, carried out by the Syrian radical factions and Turkish forces on the northern countryside of Tal Tamer, and try to infiltrate the village of Al-Dardara, by carrying out a military operation on the axis of Kafr Khashir north of Aleppo.

According to the sources, the Afrin liberation forces carried out a successful infiltration operation on the “Kafr Khasher” axis and managed to kill three elements of the pro-Turkish armed factions there.

The dead included Yasser Haji Ahmed, who hails from the Meng area, and several others were injured, some of them seriously, she said.

On the other hand, the sources pointed out, that the armed factions of the Syrian coalition and the Turkish forces supporting them, based in the village of Tokhar Al-Saghir, carried out shelling on the village of “Tokhar al-Kabir”, which belongs to the forces of the Manbij Military Council north of Manbij, to ease the pressure on their forces in Northern Aleppo.

Media agencies of the Syrian Coalition and Turkish forces have reported, to absorb the shock, that the so-called Syrian National Army has entered and controlled the city of Tal Tamer, which it’s false.

Our sources confirmed that the Tal Tamer front is currently experiencing a cautious calm after the Tal Tamer Military Council foiled an attempt to infiltrate Syrian factions into the village of Dardara and responded to their attacks, after Turkish forces, as usual, opened a barrage of missiles to secure the withdrawal of their loyal people.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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