“SDF” thwarts new infiltration attempt of armed factions on “Tal Tamer” front

Kajin Ahmed – Xeber24.net

Armed factions of the Syrian coalition on Friday evening, backed by Turkish forces, attempted to infiltrate the northern countryside of the town of Tal Tamer, North of Al- Hasaka.

According to a correspondent for “Xeber24”, Syrian armed factions tried to infiltrate the village of “Al-Dardara” North of the city of “Tal Tamer”, and were confronted by the forces of the Tal Tamer Military Council, which led to violent clashes on the lines of contact.

Our correspondent explained that after the elements of the armed factions failed to infiltrate, Turkish forces stationed at The” Aniq al-Hawa” and” Daoudia” bases carried out artillery and rocket fire on the village, to ensure the retreat and withdrawal of the attackers from the elements of the armed factions.

He noted that the Russian forces supporting the ceasefire process had not moved and had prevented elements of the Syrian regime forces, which had recently withdrawn to the village of Al-Manisif by participating in the attempt to infiltrate armed factions.

Our sender confirmed that Turkish forces and their staff from the armed factions of the Syrian coalition had shelled the village of Al-Dardara with a barrage of rockets, where more than 32 shells landed in less than an hour.

For the first time, Turkish troops at al-Arisha base were involved in rocket attacks on “Tal Tamer” countryside, he said. to ensure the withdrawal of elements of the armed factions.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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