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Riad Draar through “Xeber24” announces the position of the Syrian Democratic Council of the “Jude” front and responds to Abdul Azim

Selava Omar –

The joint president of the Syrian Democratic Council “Riad Draar”, confirmed that the nature of the multi-party national coordination body and components, prevented us from reaching understandings with it, and we still wait to reach an understanding with it as happened with the Popular Will Party.

Commenting on the announcement of the new “Good” National Front in Damascus, “Draar” said in a special statement to “Xeber 24”: “The dialogues “Jude” is not new, are two years ago between forces, parties and personalities, and continued dialogue and the development of papers and documents, and there are those who came out of them and there are those who remained.”

The Syrian politician continued, “Every time the names are renewed, it seems that it is time to hold such a meeting of these forces, under the same name, at the invitation of the National Coordination Committee, because it is the largest body in the opposition arena inside, and therefore we wish them success, with all democratic forces, at any time.”

“Mr. Hassan’s talk about communicating with the Syrian Democratic Council is true, we are in contact with an agreement and understandings like what happened with the Popular Will Party, and we have come out with the Popular Will Party with very useful consensus to envisage a political solution, and relations between the democratic forces,” Draar” said.

“We were hoping to reach with the coordinating body for such a thing, but it seems that some points we did not agree on, because the nature of the coordination body is multi-party and components, not a single body, like the popular will, so we have to reach understandings to reach a conviction with everyone, and we wait to reach understandings,” he said.

“As for the invitation to join Jude, this is something we have not invited to, and in fact we also have a prior invitation to hold the Conference of Democratic Forces, we will study later how there can be possibilities for the harmony of the two invitations towards one goal, and therefore also wait for the outcome of this conference, which is held by the Coordinating Body in the name of “Jude,” Draar said.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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