Official: Self-administration of northern and eastern Syria in the process of a regional project to solve the Kurdish issue

Kajin Ahmed –

The representative of the Self-Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria to Lebanon, Mr. Abdul Salam Ahmed, revealed that they are in the process of holding a Kurdish-Arab conference at a regional level, to resolve the Kurdish issue on a just basis.

“As a representative of the self-administration of northern and eastern Syria, I am in Lebanon almost officially, and I can say that for the first time the representative of the administration is accredited in Lebanon,” Ahmed said in an exclusive interview with “Xeber24”.

He added, “We reached out to all Lebanese political actors and forces, and we got them the message of democratic self-administration, as a democratic project based on coexistence, we Syrians and our cause is resolved in Damascus, and we offer the peaceful option on other options, and with the Syrian dialogue, some are reassured by this speech and some of its position is fully consistent with the position of the Syrian government.”

“It is very important to convey the message of democratic self-administration to the Arab political and cultural elites and the Lebanese political forces, and the parties concerned with the Syrian file, and our project is a democratic project, we do not aim to divide this country, and we hope that a helping hand will be provided to find a peaceful way out of the Syrian crisis, and we are trying to clarify our position the position of democratic self-administration of all Lebanese political forces, and we are at one distance from all Lebanese political forces, and we are not involved in the conflicts in the Lebanese arena,” the political diplomat said.

The Kurdish politician revealed: “We are in the process of holding an Arab-Kurdish conference, and we hope that this conference will be successful and will have an impact on the Arab world in general, and to keep the Kurdish issue in this way as a bleeding wound that opens the door to conflicts that will not end in this region, and the interest requires a just solution to the Kurdish issue within the framework of the Project of The Levantine Federalism.”

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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