The Turkish army claims to targeted 11 YPG fighters in northern Syria

Hussam Ali –

The Turkish army has targeted 11 civilians in areas near what Turkey calls the “Peace Spring” area, which is under its control.

A written statement issued by the Turkish Ministry of Defense, today, Wednesday, on its official Twitter account, stated that 11 Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) fighters were targeted on the outskirts of what Turkey calls the “Peace Spring” area.

The ministry claimed in its statement that its targeting is to ensure the security and safety of the areas under their control, as the Turkish army is targeting the areas adjacent to its areas indiscriminately under the pretext of targeting the People’s Protection Units.

It should be noted that the northern regions of Syria are openly exposed to systematic Turkish aggression by using air fighters to carry out their attacks, and with the help of their mercenaries, especially the areas of Ain Issa and the surrounding villages to expand their control over the lands in northern Syria.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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