Australia evacuates thousands of people in its worst floods in half a century

Selava Omar – – Agencies

On Tuesday, the Australian authorities issued new flood warnings, as well as evacuation orders, after heavy rains fell again in several areas in the country, flooding homes and roads and drowning livestock in the worst floods in the country in nearly half a century.

The National Meteorological Authority published several warnings in all states and regions of the country except for one, which affects about ten million of the population of about 25 million.

“The rain and flood situation is still very difficult,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison told reporters.

There were no reports of deaths due to the weather, but emergency services have saved thousands in the past few days.

The authorities issued evacuation orders for about 22,000 residents, to join the nearly 18,400 people they had already postponed.

And the weather is expected to improve on Wednesday, but officials have warned those affected not to return home immediately, as the constant rains increase water levels in rivers.

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