Military commander “Habib” explains through “Xeber24” the recent situation in “Ain Issa ” and the reality of the intervention of Turkish aviation

Kajin Ahmed –

The spokesman for the Democratic North Brigade and the leader of the Syrian Democratic Forces “Mahmoud Habib”, revealed that Turkish planes intervened in the bombing of the village of Ma’ala’a in the Eastern countryside of Ain Issa, to break the siege of a group of elements of the Syrian armed factions loyal to it.

Habib explained in a special statement to “Xeber24”, that “in the latest field updates in the city of Ain Issa and the surrounding villages witnessed a cautious calm, and today since the morning until now, skirmishes and shootings and it is not more than that, because the high effectiveness was Friday and Saturday.”

He pointed out, that on Friday, there was an agreement between Russia and Turkey to return the people of the villages of “Sidon and Hanging” to their homes with Russian guarantee, and when the people arrived on the outskirts of the two villages, Turkey regained and violated the truce, resulting in casualties among the people, and Russia and civilians withdraw from the area to keep the SDF resist.”

Habib added that the event increased until the afternoon, and some mercenaries were killed and returned to the back of the fences, which led to the madness of the Turkish army and spent Friday night /Saturday with indiscriminate shelling on all the villages surrounding Ain Issa and the western outskirts of the city.”

The military commander continued, that “on Saturday morning, a group of more than 25 people infiltrated the village of “Suspended”, and alerted the SDF to the matter, and they were ambushed, and the Intervention of the Turkish air force and the dismantling of the siege of them and their release, and they died over twenty dead, and destroyed the vehicle of “Shilka” and killed a Turkish soldier.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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