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Kurdish politician “Aldar Khalil” puts points on the letters on the Kurdish dialogue

Kajin Ahmad –

Aldar Khalil, a member of the Joint Presidency of the PYD Party, said that, from this moment on, they are ready to start any step that achieves Kurdish unity in western Kurdistan, on clear and unified bases and standards.

“There is an urgent need for unity, a Kurdish national unity, a unity that can confront conspiracies and plans aimed at the Kurdish presence, a unit based on the blood of martyrs, capable of protecting the gains of the Kurdish people and protecting their interests in its four parts,” Khalil said in a speech during his participation in the celebrations of “Nawroz” in The City of Qamishlo.

“We call on all Kurdish forces that the time has come for a Kurdish national conference, and the Kurds should meet at a Kurdish conference and create unity for all The Kurdish forces,” the Kurdish politician said in his speech.

“If that doesn’t happen, southern Kurdistan is in danger, and the north is also in danger, and the gains of our people in western Kurdistan, as well as eastern Kurdistan, are in danger,” Khalil” said.

In his speech, he pointed to the Kurdish parties in western Kurdistan, stressing that it is necessary to achieve unity, and we must agree, but on the basis of standards and principles.

“These principles and above all, that our enemy is the same, since when we are united, I cannot say about this enemy, and you say that he is a friend,” Khalil said, noting that it is the same for friends.

“When we say that Afrin is occupied, it is unacceptable to say that it is liberated, and when we say that the occupier must be removed from our land, it should not call for its survival, and when we say we want to manage our areas ourselves, it should not be called for by the Turkish occupier,” he said.

He pointed out: If these measures are known, then we will achieve our unity, and if we do not agree on these measures, and give legitimacy to the occupation, how will this unity be achieved? “It is up to the people, and we are willing to make their decision.”

From this moment on, we are ready for all steps to achieve unity, based on protecting the blood of martyrs and the sacrifices of this people, and then there will be no chance, and if we do not achieve our unity, unfortunately the plans of our enemies will increase, and they will achieve some of their goals,” Khalil said.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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