Kurdish National Council issues statement on the occasion of the third anniversary of the occupation of Afrin and “innovates” in it

Berusk Hassan –

The Kurdish National Council (ENKS) issued a statement to the Kurdish public, on the third anniversary of the occupation of the city of Afrin, and about the daily violations by coalition factions against the people of Afrin.

In its statement, however, the Kurdish National Council proceeded in full and in every sense of the word to occupy the city of Afrin, where instead of using the word occupation, it described it as “control”, while attributing looting and the seizure of the homes and property of Afrinis to certain factions.

The council said in its statement issued, thursday, “The 18th of March marks the third anniversary of the control of Turkish forces and their Syrian armed factions on the Kurdish area of Afrin, where they imposed their full control over the city and its towns and villages, which increased the suffering of Its people, its original Kurdish children and their property became vulnerable to atrocities and daily crimes, such as killing, torturing, abducting, stealing and blackmailing under threat, confiscating private property, razing olive fields, destroying public facilities, looting and deliberately vandalizing archaeological and cultural sites. It is a sign of the history and authenticity of the people of the region, as well as the settlement of families displaced from areas of armed conflict in various Syrian cities instead of returning the people of Afrin who were displaced by the military operations.”

The Kurdish National Council referred to the demographic change taking place in Afrin, saying: “All of this is aimed at conducting a demographic change targeting the Kurdish presence there, and despite the monitoring of these crimes and violations by certain factions, by international humanitarian and human rights organizations, and their publication of reports proving the responsibility of the actor, as a clear violation of the Charter of the United Nations and international law, the suffering of the Afrin people continues and worsens as a result of daily violations.”

“The Kurdish National Council, affirming its continued condemnation of these violations against our people in Afrin, calls on the international community, humanitarian organizations, human rights organizations and UN organizations to stop them, and calls on Turkey to assume its responsibility there and to remove these armed groups from the residential areas of Afrin and their towns and villages and hand over their administration to their indigenous people.”

The Syrian coalition also called for its promises to be kept “and the Syrian National Coalition to abide by the agreement signed with the Kurdish National Council to stop the violations and return the displaced to their homes.”

The Kurdish National Council also called on The United States and all the sponsoring states to activate their role, “as the Council calls on the sponsors of the political process, notably the United States of America and Russia, to speed up the implementation of the Geneva process and UN Resolution 2254 to find a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis, ensuring the building of a democratic, pluralistic and federal Syria, whose constitution recognizes the national rights of the Kurdish people, and all other national components.”

On the other hand, many human rights organizations have documented the involvement of all Syrian factions of the Syrian opposition coalition in the looting and seizure of the homes and property of Afrins, while the Kurdish National Council exonerates the coalition factions and points fingers at a few, as they legalize the Turkish presence, which does not describe it as an occupation, but demands that it play its role knowing that it is the main body in conducting demographic change and sponsoring and supporting all these extremist factions.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho

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