U.S. government pledges to pressure its government to withdraw Turkey from Afrin and Northern Syria

Peshwar Hassan – Xeber24.net

The United Nations Office for The Freedom of Religion (UDC) issued an important statement on the third anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, pledging to pressure its government to withdraw Turkey from Afrin and northern Syria.

According to UNHCR President “Nadine Mainza”, who confirmed in a statement:

“On the third anniversary of the attack on the peaceful city of Afrin, my heart is with everyone there, who have lost friends and families who have become victims of atrocities and who have been expelled from their homes and communities.”

“On March 18, 2018, Turkey and its allied factions carried out an attack on Afrin and northern Syria, killing hundreds of civilians and carrying out atrocities against ethnic and religious minorities and women, and they were the cause of the displacement of hundreds of thousands of them in northern Syria,” the statement continued.

“Our commission has documented all violations by Turkey in Afrin and other areas of killing, sexual assault, kidnapping and destruction of places of worship,” Mainza” said in a statement.

“We are also concerned about Christians who are arrested and also concerned about Turkey’s remaining religious and ethnic minorities and Islamist militias governing in a different way from the one that was run by the self-administration in Afrin.”

She also praised self-management and what it achieved, saying, “Let us remember Afrin in the era of self-administration, everyone was free to worship and follow their beliefs.”

“Independent institutions such as Amnesty International, Human Rights And even the United Nations have issued several reports on this, and Genocide Watch has said that what is happening is a war crime and a crime against humanity,” she said.

“Our commission advised the US administration to use pressure on Turkey to withdraw from Afrin and northern Syria, and we are satisfied with the European Union, and has issued a decision to withdraw Turkey immediately from northern Syria and accusing them of ethnic cleansing,” Nadine concluded.

Today is an important day, and the international community supported ” Afrin” Free and had accused Turkey of being responsible for those crimes.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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