Kremlin responds to Joe Biden’s remarks as “Murderer” Putin

Berusk Hassan –

Moscow responded to the remarks of the new U.S. President Joe Biden in which he called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “murderer.”

The Kremlin said Moscow would deal with Washington based on the fact that Biden does not want to improve relations, and considered recent statements about President Vladimir Putin “very bad” and “unprecedented.”

The Kremlin’s statement, commenting on the president’s statement to “ABC” television on Wednesday, that, the Russian leadership should “pay the price” for alleged interference in the U.S. election, as Biden answered with “yes,” to the reporter’s question about whether he believes Putin is a “murderer.”

Kremlin spokesman” Dmitry Beskov” said in a statement Thursday that, the Us president has shown that he certainly does not plan to improve relations with Russia, and stressed that Russia will proceed from this future when dealing with the United States.

Peskov said the Russian ambassador to Washington, “Anatoly Antonov”, has been summoned to consult and review relations with the United States.

On whether Putin will listen to the Russian ambassador, who will travel to Moscow on November 20, Peskov said it was not planned, but the Russian president will listen to him if necessary.

Source: TASS + Novosti
Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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