“SDF” thwarts the attempt to infiltrate The Turkish factions on the side of “Ain Issa” and issued a statement in this regard

Khoshbin sheikho – Xeber24.net

On Thursday, 18/03/2021, the SDF Media Center issued a statement to the public about attacks by the Turkish army and its loyalist factions on the Ain Issa area.

The statement said: “On march 16 and 17, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation shelled the area of Ain Issa violently, and on March 17, the mercenaries also launched ground attacks on the area, and at 21:30, the mercenaries launched an attack on the village of Sidon, resulting in clashes, and the fighters responded to the attack, resulting in the elimination of three mercenary elements, in addition to the destruction of a military vehicle.

“Mercenaries launched an attack on the village of Maalak,” the statement added, and clashes broke out in the area after our fighters responded to the attack, and no information was obtained about the number of enemy deaths and injuries during the clashes.

“After the two attacks by the mercenaries were thwarted and they were forced to retreat and withdraw, the mercenaries again bombed the villages of “Sidon, Maalik, Jadida”, and the M4 international road,” the statement continued.

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