Syrian artist “Mayada Besselis” dies

The great Syrian singer “Mayada Besselis” died on Wednesday evening.

The Syrian newspaper “Al-Watan” said that, the artist “Mayada Besselis” died at the age of 54 after a struggle with cancer.

The Syrian Ministry of Information called the artist Mayada Besselis, who passed away yesterday.

The husband of the late singer “Samir Kouifati” confirmed weeks ago that she had cancer.

Syrian singer “Mayada Besselis” was born in 1967 in Aleppo, and began her singing career from the age of nine on Aleppo Radio.

The late singer released 14 albums beginning in 1986, beginning with the album ” Hey, My Killer’s leaving “, a song from the old Syrian folklore.

Her song “Your Lie Is Sweet”, which won the Golden Award as the best Arab song in 1999, is her passport to the world of fame.

In 2010, she released an album entitled “To My Mother and My Land”, a work that was long delayed, but it was at the level that a Mayada’s audience was accustomed to, and Mayada also sang many badges for big series such as “Brothers of the Earth” and “Days of Rage.”

Mayada performed many concerts in various forums, most notably a concert at the Palace of Fine Arts complex in San Francisco, USA, and two concerts at the Madrid Opera House and the Egyptian Opera House in 1998.

Source: RT + Syrian Media.

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