Self-administration of northern and eastern Syria takes new measures to avoid economic crisis

Peshwar Hassan –

The self-administration of northern and eastern Syria is moving to take new measures to alleviate the economic crisis facing Syria in general and northern and eastern Syria in particular by opening important projects that serve the region’s economy and alleviate the living burdens.

These steps follow the progress of the autonomous regions of northern and eastern Syria in all areas, particularly the economic field, and as a result of the stability in the region compared to the rest of Syria, which has greatly helped to establish dozens of factories and factories to produce the various goods and goods that the region needs to achieve its self-sufficiency of some basic materials.

These projects contribute to the creation of jobs for many unemployed people from the region who were in dire need of work to provide for their livelihood, and this has reduced the unemployment rate in those areas.

In this context, self-management has established three factories in Dirk, a factory rouge for the manufacture of nylon bags, which is one of the largest factories in the island region, which opened in March 2020 equipped with full equipment and modern mechanisms, lasers and technicians, and produces 400 tons of bags per month, and the factory provided employment opportunities for 130 workers from the Derek region.

In addition to the Rouj for lentil’s factory, the factory has provided employment opportunities for 14 workers, the goal of the plant is to break the monopoly in the markets by selling the material at prices commensurate with the income of the individual.

On the other hand, self-management has contributed to reducing the severity and repercussions of the economic crisis on the population of the region, self-management institutions are working to open consumer institutions and lounges for sale at the cost price, as well as, encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises related to the food industry that depend on the raw materials in north-eastern Syria. considered remote areas.

It is noteworthy that self-management is working hard and in accordance with the possibilities available to alleviate the economic crisis that is ravaging the region, especially in light of the deterioration of the Syrian pound against other currencies.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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