Pope Francis calls on international community to end Syrian tragedy

Peshwar Hassan – Xeber24.net

Pope Francis appealed to the international community to end the tragedy in Syria and addressed the parties to the conflict to show signs of goodwill and save what is left of the devastated Syria.

This came during his weekly sermon to hundreds in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, where he said: “I renew my appeal to the parties to the conflict to show signs of goodwill, so that a glimmer of hope opens for the exhausted population.”

On the other hand, he called on the international community to make a “decisive” commitment to ending the fighting and to help rebuild and recover economically.

The pope, who returned on Monday from a visit to Iraq, added that Syria has witnessed a conflict that has caused “an unspecified number of dead and wounded, millions of refugees, thousands of disappeared people, destruction, violence of all kinds, and enormous suffering for the entire population, especially for the most vulnerable groups, such as children, women and the elderly.”
It is worth mentioning that Syria is still living a fierce war that destroyed its infrastructure and destroyed its economy, which became its currency in the gutter of foreign exchange in the midst of a complete lack of a solution in the near term.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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