of the planes that bombed The Libyan Obares “as direct Egyptian messages of Turkish flirtation”

Serdar Ibrahim – Xeber24.net

Egyptian sources revealed private to the newspaper “Al-Arabi al-Jadeed” issued from London, that the air strikes that hit several neighborhoods in the area of Obari in southern Libya early Sunday morning, were air support from the Egyptian air force to Libyan military forces of the Brigade Khalifa Haftar while attacking gathering points of elements of the Islamic State.

The sources explained to the newspaper that “the strikes came in full coordination with all libyan parties concerned and as support and Egyptian assistance based on a Libyan demand, to confront extremist elements that represent a common threat to the two countries,” pointing out at the same time that the target points included extremist elements with African nationalities, some of them Egyptian, connected to elements inside Egypt, stressing that this type of operation has international coordination and not only between libyan parties.

According to the sources, the region of southern Libya and the border with Niger, Chad and Sudan are witnessing high-level security and intelligence activity by several countries, with the aim of tracking extremist elements and remnants of ISIS to strike any gatherings or activities in the cradle.

According to Libyan news reports, an unidentified airline launched air strikes targeting various locations in southern Libya.

According to local reports, four raids were carried out at dawn on a different scale in the city by an unknown flight. The strikes were concentrated in al-Sharp, Jabal Tinda and the outskirts of the Barjoj project.

Eyewitnesses from The New Arab city told Al-Arabi that they heard the sounds of flying a high-altitude flight, before he fired several air strikes targeting the city’s Al-Sharp neighborhood and the Heights of Jabal al-Tindi.

Libyan news sites suggested that the airstrikes could have been carried out by U.S. forces of the U.S. North African Command (AFRICOM)

. Libyan news sites suggested that the airstrikes could have been carried out by U.S. forces of the U.S. North African Command (AFRICOM).

On Saturday, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi telephoned the new Libyan prime minister, Abdel Hamid Al-Dabiba, during which he stressed Egypt’s full support for the new Libyan government, and a willingness to provide Egyptian expertise in areas that would bring political stability, as well as participation in the implementation of development projects in Libya, which are a priority for the brotherly Libyan people.

For his part, Al-Dabiba stressed during the contact the specificity and excellence of fraternal relations between Egypt and Libya, and the historical ties between the two peoples, and the keenness of his government to continue to push forward relations of cooperation, consultation and intensive coordination with Egypt.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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