European Parliament reveals its position on normalization with the Syrian regime and determines what the solution is in Syria

Peshwar Hassan –

The European Parliament has revealed its position on normalization with the Syrian regime and linked it to progress in the path to a solution.

The European Parliament expressed concern about the ongoing “political impasse” in Syria and the lack of progress in finding a solution to the conflict in Syria, and ruled out resuming relations with Damascus before progress is made on the path to a solution.

“A lasting solution to the Syrian conflict cannot be achieved by military means,” the text of the resolution, published on the official website of the European Parliament on Thursday, said.

The resolution criticized the Syrian authorities for “not wanting to negotiate the drafting of the constitution, despite the Syrian opposition’s willingness to cooperate.

The European Parliament added that “normal diplomatic relations can only be resumed after radical changes in Syria,” noting that “as long as there is no radical progress on the ground with consistent and credible involvement in the overall political process, parliamentarians oppose any normalization of relations with the Syrian regime.”

The European Parliament condemned “all massacres, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law in Syria,” accusing the Syrian authorities, Russia, Iran and Turkey, calling for “the release of 130,000 political prisoners.”

Parliamentarians called on EU member states to maintain sanctions against Syria.

The resolution was voted in favour of the resolution, with 79 deputies opposed and 37 abstained.

It is worth mentioning that, the frameworks of the solution in Syria still did not find the light amid intransigence by the Syrian regime, which aspires to return to the pre-2011, ignoring international agreements amid a major crisis ravaging the country and a historic collapse of the economy and currency.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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