The character of Greater Kurdistan and “Turkish anger”!

Pieer Rustem

According to the website “Xeber24” a report on the work of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Kurdistan Regional Government to make a commemorative stamp for the visit of the Pope with his shadow image and behind him the map of Greater Kurdistan, which led the Turkish government to demand clarification.

The website wrote, “The Turkish Foreign Ministry, in a statement published on its official page on Wednesday, requesting clarification sought from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) for the commemorative character designed by the Kurdistan Regional Government, featuring a picture of the map of “Greater Kurdistan” behind a shadow image of Pope Francis.

At the beginning of the year, all thanks and appreciation to the Government of the Kurdistan Region for this wonderful gesture not only in honoring the Pope with such a memento, but in sending a message through that memento to the world that there is a people divided and occupied by a number of entities as a result of international colonial complicity and that it is time for its fairness.

We are also directing this message and the Turkish reaction to the saying: “YPk with their Ocalani pictures caused the occupation of our regions”, was the image of Ocalan on that souvenir in order to get Turkey angry or is it the image of Kurdistan that the rulers of Turkey tried to

Since the birth of this usurped entity for the largest part and geography of Kurdistan – western Kurdistan – they have buried it through a symbolic image of a tomb on which they wrote “Here is Kurdistan”. It is a message to some of the memoryless who are trying to “justify” Turkey’s criminalization of our people by blaming a political system that is trying to defend our causes.

Pieer Rustem
Syrian Kurdish writer and analyst.

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