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Afrin Kurds respond to “Nasr Al-Hariri” and announce their position on the Kurdish Council

Kajin Ahmed –

A number of residents of Afrin denounced statements made by the head of the Syrian coalition Nasr Hariri on Wednesday in the Kurdistan Regional Parliament in Hawller air, on the situation in Afrin, stressing that they are fully aware of what is going on in their city on a daily basis, such as by communicating with the remaining residents there.

In this regard, “Khalil Na’asan”, from the village of “Shetka” in the district of “Mabata”, told “Xeber 24” Thursday, that “Nasr Hariri”, is a man of Turkey, and that whoever manages Afrin is the Turkish intelligence and everything in their hands, not the mercenaries affiliated with The Syrian coalition, he claims, noted that the Kurdistan Region of Iraq also has relations and interests with Turkey, citing” Massoud Barzani’s” statement that, he said that “his father’s will is for him not to cut ties with Turkey,” and everyone now sees that their relations with Turkey are continuing.

Khalil added that my letter, as a ” kurd of Afrin”, to the leadership of the Kurdish Council and the leadership of the region, especially Beit Barzani, “I regret them because they speak on behalf of the Kurds, and they should not speak on behalf of the Kurds, and they say that we are Turks who speak Kurdish, and it is shameful that they speak on behalf of the Kurds.”

“As for” Nasr Hariri” and the Syrian coalition, they have not yet served their people, they have served with the enemies, and they are paying them for their homeland and honor in exchange for a handful of money,” he said.

Commenting on Hariri’s remarks about Afrin, he added that, “those who have an atom of patriotism do not say such words, in the face of all these violations that are taking place there, in Afrin they open a café in the name of Erdoğan” “in reference to Hariri’s inauguration of a café opened by “Abu Amasha Mohammed al-Jassim”, the leader of the notorious Al-Amchat faction, a few days ago in the Area of Shih/Sheikh Hadid.”

“They don’t think the leaders of the Kurdish Council who met with Nasr Hariri in the capital of The Kurdistan Region of Iraq are Kurds,” he said.

For his part, “Mustafa Na’asan” from the village of “Telfi” in the district of “Gendres”, expressed his annoyance with Hariri’s statements about Afrin, and continued: We knew that Afrin was occupied, but why all these violations of logging and kidnapping of women, other crimes unimaginable, arrested thousands of people and brutally tortured.

“Mustafa” said that, in the village of “Frere” of Gandres, a few months ago, all its residents were arrested and all their property confiscated, and from the severity of the torture, some of them were paralyzed and others still suffering from the effects of torture.

He added that in Shih/ Sheikh Hadid, a great injustice is being practiced against the people, in the village of “Qalamalak” one of our relatives was arrested, where he was killed under torture in their hands, adding that all the areas in this matter whether in Shea, Sanari and “Marani”, Every day we communicate with our parents in Afrin and know what is happening there day by day.

He pointed out that 10 days ago, “17” people were arrested from the village of “Kakhi”, and I know that five people were paralyzed from the severity of the torture, pointing out that torture takes place in plain sight, so that they can put fear in the hearts of the people.

Mustafa explained that Kurd Afrin cant go to their orchards, unless they pay bribes to the armed factions of the Syrian coalition, noting that last year he paid a bribe of “1000” U.S. dollars to the elements of the factions, until his wife was able to reap the xenon belonging to them, and yet they were deliberately stealing it at night.

He noted that in” Marati prison”, there are still some “81” women, some of whom are with their children, who are tortured on a daily basis while naked, and there is no end to their abuses.

“Hariri’s statements about Afrin are all a lie,” he said, and everyone knows that, and we are in touch with the people there on a daily basis, and we know what is happening there.

“Who are you lying to?” he said. Or are you making these statements so that you can get some sharks from your supporters, because your conscience and conscience have become money, and you have sold yourself and your country with money.

The head of the Syrian coalition, Nasr Hariri, said in press statements on Wednesday, that we cannot say that the situation in Afrin 100%, and we have made a lot of efforts there and the Kurdish Council and even the leadership of the region do not deny these efforts.

“Hariri” said that, what is happening in Afrin is the words that there are some illegal excesses, amid all the challenges suffered by the “liberated” regions, both internal and external, and we, the Kurdish Council and the leadership of the Kurdistan Region have agreed to work together to eliminate these abuses.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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