Despite the horrors of war… self-administration of Northern and Eastern Syria launches a huge afforestation project

Pergin Hassan –

The Green Braids project in the second phase, which aims to cultivate “4” million seedlings of various types of fruit trees and forestry, was introduced by a group of volunteers, with the support of the self-management of northern and eastern Syria.

“We have started the second phase of the Green Braids project in The Garden of The University of “Roj Ava”, and I want to make it clear at the outset the importance of the name of the project, which we have named green braids in recognition of Out of respect and our appreciation for the arguments of the Yazidi women in “Shengal” who were enslaved and kidnapped by ISIS, as well as in recognition of the efforts of fighters in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), as well as the women in self-management who continue to struggle. So, we chose a braid with an olive tree as the logo of our project.

As a group of volunteers, we felt it necessary to cooperate with self-management in protecting the environment, which is one of the three pillars of the administration itself: democracy, women’s freedom and ecology,” Sheikho said, “and our arrival at this stage was a dream for us, with the help of a number of community volunteers and self-management institutions for northern and eastern Syria.”

“I also joined this project, and our project is green braids, and each of us does a different job and from different institutions,” said volunteer “Khabsha Arafat”.

“We have come together as volunteer groups to work together and this project to increase the proportion of vegetables in the country,” Arafat said.

“The project aims to plant “4 million” seedlings, and so far we have planted 8,000 seedlings, and we are continuing our work, noting that the types of seedlings planted are from the trees of “tin pomegranate sten and forest trees such as esals,” she said.

“Our door is open to anyone, our project receives anyone who is to cooperate with us, and it is also not too late to wait for help and our project continues.”

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