“Nasr Al-Hariri” of the Kurdistan Parliament: We agreed with Barzani in the fight against the PKK and the SDF

Kajin Ahmed –

The head of the Syrian coalition,” Nasr Al-Hariri”, confirmed that, he and the head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) Of Iraq “Massoud Barzani” agreed on several files, including fighting the PKK, and “terrorist” organizations, and that the Workers’ Party, the Democratic Union Party and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are one organization.

The meeting was long with His Excellency the President, we started with mercy on the late father, “Mala Mustafa Barzani”, and the situation of the camps and refugees, and the broad humanitarian policy that the regional government has pursued with our Syrian refugee families, and then we discussed the challenges of the region, the challenges facing peoples and humanitarian crises under dictatorial regimes,” he said.

“We discussed the crimes committed by the criminal regime of “Bashar Al-Assad” against the Syrian people, the obstruction of the political process and the difficulty of reaching a political solution at the moment, and other issues of common concern, the most important of which is Iran and its influence in the region, the PKK and its malicious policies in large areas of Syria, and its impact on our people inside Syria, and the impact on the overall solution within Syrian territory,” Hariri said.

“We also discussed the situation in the liberated areas, the situation of our people in “Afrin and the rest of Syria, and the steps and suggestions that we can work together to facilitate the lives of the people there,” he said.

Hariri said he and “Massoud Barzani” agreed “on various issues, both on terrorism and combating it, and whether to support the aspirations of the Syrian people and stand by them until the political transition and Iran’s destructive impact in the region, and to manage the liberated areas in a governed and rational manner, in order to serve our citizens and achieve their dignity and humanity.”

“We also agree on the PKK and terrorist organizations, and we all see now clearly that the negotiations between the Kurdish Council and the Workers’ Party,” he said, adding: “There is no difference between the Workers’ Party and PYD and ” SDF” are all one organization, these negotiations so far have no decisive results and the reason for that is not the Kurdish Council.”

“The reason for this is the PKK, because it carries its own agenda, and it is carrying out violations against all our Syrian people, including our brothers in the Kurdish Council, and Egypt to bring terrorist organizations and foreign fighters to our country, and this will in no way be acceptable, on the contrary, it was the PKK that led to military operations in some areas, was not the first choice, but its insistence on being on Syrian soil and control. to the people, taking advantage of the support provided by the international community to fight terrorism in order to implement its own project”.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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