“John Kirby”: America expects that the targets of its strike on Syria have been achieved

Pergin Hassoun – -Agencies

Pentagon spokesman” John Kirby” said: ” U.S. authorities expect U.S. strike targets on Syria to be achieved, but he cannot yet talk about any results.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, A journalist asked “Kirby” to assess the damage to the opponent, saying: “Can you tell if the attack has had consequences for the militia movement or capabilities. Has he reduced the threat she poses”?

“Kirby” replied: “I don’t think we’ve noticed any visible effect yet. Without a doubt, I will not discuss intelligence issues.”

“The last thing I want to add, I said this past week: One of the objectives we wanted to achieve with this strike was to prevent future attacks by armed formations on our personnel, our facilities, and our Iraqi partners.” Of course, we hope that this result has been achieved. Since last week’s strike, there have been no attacks by armed groups.”

In the end, Kirby said that according to U.S. side estimates, one member of the Shiite factions there was killed and two wounded.

It is worth mentioning that, America bombed at midnight Thursday (February 25) infrastructure used by pro-Iranian armed factions in Eastern Syria, killing at least 17 people, in the first military operation of the” Joe Biden” administration in response to recent attacks on Western interests in Iraq.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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