Syrian regime issues new law on civil status.. including renewal of personal cards

Hameed Al- Nasser –

The Syrian regime’s parliament on Monday passed a new civil status law based on an electronic database, requiring Syrians to renew their ID cards within a period of time.

According to Syrian Regime Media, the central database links all provinces and contributes to the provision of services, simplifying procedures, alleviating suffering and costs for citizens and reducing human errors in civil affairs. (in her words).

The means confirmed that, the People’s Assembly in the Syrian regime, approved by a majority of the materials from (49) and 79 / after extensive discussion, and these articles relate to the fact that all citizens male and female, must have the “ID card”, when they are 14 years old, while the guardian of the child is responsible for obtaining his “ID card” for the first time and the person who acquires Syrian nationality may have the right to obtain the family card.

It is worth mentioning that, this coincides with the deterioration of the large living situation and the high price of borrowing, in addition to the collapse of the Syrian pound significantly, without any interference or action by the Syrian regime.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho

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