Meeting between the head of the Syrian negotiating body and the UN envoy to Syria in Istanbul and this is the most important

Kajin Ahmed –

The head of Syria’s negotiating body, “Anas al-Abda”, and the UN envoy to Syria, “Nun Pederson”, met Monday in Istanbul, Turkey, to discuss the political track to resolve the Syrian crisis, as well as, to reactivate the meetings of the Constitutional Committee.

“I told UN envoy ,” Nun Pederson” during our meeting today, in Istanbul that the points we made in our letter to the Security Council, will enable us to activate the political process and activate the constitutional committee more, the correct methodology is to avoid wasting time and to commit to the mission and mandate of the commission in accordance with, the procedural rules document,” Said Aduda” on the official website of the Syrian coalition.

“I stressed that, an effective mechanism should be found to work on the implementation of UN Resolution 2254, without excluding any item, because working on an item and postponing the rest of the important items is a waste of the time of the Syrians and the international community.” “This needs to join forces in regional and international efforts to support the political process.”

“I also stressed the need to make real and real progress in the file of detainees who are languishing in regime prisons and suffering injustice and torture,” he said. “The regime refuses to take any step in this file, so there must be international pressure on the regime and its allies, a waste of time paid for by the detainees, their families and all Syrians.”

“We have seen the seriousness of the UN envoy, his support for the need to find an effective mechanism and methodology to advance the political process, and resolution (2254) without bypassing any of its provisions.” “This touches our demands from the beginning because the solution in Syria is indivisible and indivisible, the UN resolution is clear and there is a need to push its full implementation as quickly as possible.”

The UN envoy to Syria is holding several rounds to hold meetings with the negotiating parties and countries that influence the Syrian file, to revive the discussions of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva, after he announced his frustration at the last session last month.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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