Determine the area in which the famous “Windows” picture was taken

Selava Omar –

Who among us did not see the picture of that green hill under a very clear and blue sky, while using the old Windows XP computer? But it hardly occurred to us that this scene was actually real and not just design.

And the image was seen by billions of people, and it kept appearing automatically in front of those who initiate the use of the old operating system “Windows XP”.

The site “SFGATE” revealed the place where the photo was taken, and that was in the nineties of the last century, then it became widespread in the world.

According to the source, that photo was taken on Highway “12” in Sanoma, California, USA.

It turned out that this area was covered by vineyards, and it was picked up, at that time, by “Charles Aurere”, and he was driving his car until he went to see the young woman who would become his wife later.

The picture was taken on a Friday, during the month of January 1996, and Charles says that most of those who saw it, while they were in the billions, thought it was not normal. ”

He added that driving a car in this American region during the month of January often gives the driver a feeling of looking at a carpet of spacious green lawn.

And “Charles”, who is 79 years old today, put the photo in a photo agency, and when Microsoft understood it, it paid him a significant amount of money in exchange for its intellectual rights.

And the amount was not disclosed, but it was said that it was six-digit, meaning that it was in the hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Charles has worked for nearly two decades at the Los Angeles Times and the Kansas City Star, but he knows full well that it is the image of Windows XP that will always make people remember him.

Source: Sky News

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