Explosions shaking Damascus and its surroundings

Kajin Ahmed –

Several explosions were heard in the skies and surroundings of Damascus, while reports indicated that Syrian regime forces’ air defenses were responding to Israeli missiles.

Sources from the city told the reporter “Xeber24”: That, in the meantime, he hears the sounds of several explosions in the vicinity of Damascus city, believed by the response of the Syrian forces defense to Israeli missiles.

At 16:10 p.m., Israel carried out a rocket attack targeting some targets in the vicinity of Damascus, “the Sana news agency” quoted a military source as saying.
According to SANA, the Syrian regime’s air Defence sought to repel them and dropped most of the rockets before reaching their targets, the source said.

It is worth mentioning that, Israel occasionally carries out the missile attacks targeting Iranian forces deployed in Syrian territory, demanding Iran’s withdrawal from Syria.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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