The Kurdish people in Qamishlo remember the Kurdish artist “Said Youssef” on the first anniversary of his death

Pergin Hassoun –

Yesterday, 26 February 2021 marks the first anniversary of the death of Kurdish artist , “Said Yusuf”, at a hospital in Istanbul at the age of 73, which was full of music and singing for nearly half a century.

In this regard, a ceremony was held yesterday to mark the first anniversary of the kurdish artist’s departure at ” Zana” Hall in Qamishlo, with the participation of Kurdish artistic and political figures, writers and a crowd of civil audiences as well.

All the attendees were welcomed and then a minute of silence was observed on his soul and the spirit of all The Kurdish martyrs, interspersed with words from some of the attendees such as Kurdish artist Mahmoud Aziz Shaker, politician Ahmed Suleiman, as well as some Kurdish poets and writers.

Some Of the Kurdish artists sang: “Zorro Saeed Yusuf, Ashdan Orkish, Massoud Suleiman, the able artist “Ramadan Najm Omri” and The Band of “Mohammed Shekho”.

The artist Zorro Youssef, son of the artist Said Yusuf, told “Xeber24”, through which he thanked all national and political figures, artists and civic figures for attending the memorial service of his late father.

“Zoro” said his father has many songs, he wrote and did not sing, and that he will soon record them and publish them, in a new way.

“The day her father left in 26/02/2020 was a black day for her,” said Shabal Saeed Yusuf, noting that history, the Kurdish people and even the whole world will talk about the art of Said Yusuf.

Kurdish artist Amir Al-Bazq “Said Yusuf” left on 26/02/2020, following an incurable illness at a hospital in Istanbul, after a life full of singing and playing during which he won a number of local and international awards.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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