Following the U.S. bombing of Iranian points in Syria.. Iraqi Foreign Minister heads to Tehran

Selava Omar –

Iraqi Foreign Minister” Fouad Hussein” flew to Tehran, a day after a U.S. strike on Iranian-backed groups in Syria.

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, the Iraqi foreign Minister is arriving in Tehran today and meeting with his Iranian counterpart “Mohammad Jawad Zarif” and other political officials.

Iranian television reported that “Hussein” will meet in Tehran with political and security officials and discuss regional developments and bilateral relations.

The Pentagon announced that, the United States did not use the information provided by Iraq when setting targets for its airstrikes against pro-Iranian groups in Eastern Syria on Thursday.

“The Iraq government has been investigating who fired missiles on its territory in recent days and weeks,” Pentagon spokesman “John Kirby” wrote on Twitter Friday evening, “But we did not use Iraqi information to identify targets for our attacks that night.”

U.S. warplanes launched raids on pro-Iranian group positions in Syria on Thursday, killing a number of pro-Iranian elements.

Translated by: khoshbin sheikho.

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