Through “Voice of America”.. General Mazloum Abdi defines his demands from the Biden administration and summarizes them in three basic points

Kajin Ahmad –

The Commander-in-Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General Mazloum Abdi, affirmed that the new US administration must normalize political relations with the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria, and support it as its forces support the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

In a special interview on the Voice of America website, today, Wednesday, the general stated that we received the news of Biden’s arrival to power in the United States with happiness, and we hope that he will correct the mistakes of his predecessor, and we also hope that he will play a more effective role in resolving the Syrian crisis, including finding A mechanism for resolving the areas that we liberated from the terrorist organization ISIS in cooperation with the International Coalition, and ensuring the rights of the Kurds and other components in our regions, within the Syrian constitution, and this is our request from the new US administration.

The general affirmed, “Our people in northern and eastern Syria, with all its components, had great confidence and still have great confidence in America, because we cooperated together in eliminating ISIS terrorist organization, but this confidence was shaken after the sudden withdrawal from some areas, and we are currently working to restore this confidence again.” .

The Commander-in-Chief of the SDF stated, “Our people have been greatly affected, as about” 300 “thousand Kurds have been displaced from Afrin, and Afrin, 59% of its population were Kurds, and today the Kurds represent only 30% and the rest of the Arab and Turkmen component, which Turkey brought in to change its demography.

He continued, “In other regions, and as a result of the Turkish military operation in 2019, about 300,000 people have been displaced, and they are living in refugee camps waiting to return to their areas, and this has shaken America’s confidence, and a strong policy must be followed to return these people to their areas and restore life to what It was “.

In response to his interlocutor when he asked him, if you meet now with the American President Biden, what will you ask of him, the general said: First of all, we want there to be stability in our regions, and to solve our problems with the neighborhood, including Turkey, through dialogue, and we will also ask him not to hit the escalation of our regions again.

Once again, by the neighboring countries that have an impact on the Syrian crisis, America’s forces are here and they must do their duty to protect our regions, and the most important thing is to provide support to the civil administration in northern and eastern Syria, as there are security problems, disagreements and service problems, I mean in short The American administration must deal politically with the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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