Mazloum Abdi links the military victory with the political and calls on the international community to skip this step with regard to the Autonomous Administration.

Kajin Ahmad –

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, General “Mazloum Abdi,” emphasized that one of the basic steps to eliminate the terrorist organization ISIS is clarifying the future of the political project of the Autonomous Administration in northern and eastern Syria, stressing the need for the international coalition to support this administration.

This came in an interview on the “Voice of America” website today, Wednesday, where the general said: Our fight against the terrorist organization ISIS has not ended, and its cells have recently been implemented, and assassinated a number of civilians and officials in our civilian councils in Deir Ezzor, so we carried out a large military operation in the area. Dashisha on the Syrian-Iraqi border against it.

The general added that the operation was successful, as the cell that carried out the assassination of the two officials in the Civil Council in Deir Ezzor, four of them were killed and another was arrested, while the last person managed to escape, and a number of other sleeper cells were arrested. “.

He pointed out, that the threat of ISIS is still present as they infiltrate our areas from the side of the Syrian regime’s control areas and also from the Iraqi borders, and this terrorist organization is trying to restore its activity again, and we are taking all our measures in cooperation and coordination with the international coalition, and we hope to eliminate it completely.

The general explained that the first reason is to restore ISIS terrorist activity, which is the withdrawal of the international coalition from half of the areas liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces, such as Raqqa, Manbij, Kobani and others, in addition to their infiltration from the Syrian regime forces’ control areas and Iraqi regions, and also one of the main reasons is the lack of progress in the solution. The political situation of the Syrian crisis, as well as the lack of clarity of the political fate of the Autonomous Administration regions in northern and eastern Syria.

The commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces stressed that, in order to limit the impact of ISIS activity, the political future of the Autonomous Administration regions must be clear, and the coalition must find a way to continue fighting the organization’s elements in the areas from which it withdrew before, and most importantly, and that it must support the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria to increase Our resistance to this regulation is more.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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