Once again.. the Kurdistan Region authorities kidnapped a Kurdish politician and handed him over to Ankara

Pergin Hassun – Xeber24. net

Media agencies have uncovered the fate of Kurdish politician “Omar Bartan” who was abducted by Asiyesh PDK in the city of Hawller more than a year and seven month.

Rojnews Agency explained that, Kurdish politician ” Omar Bartan” was arresred in the city of Hawller by the Assayish’s forces in 3 July 2019, and two days ago, he called his Family to find out that he had been handed over by the Turkish authorities, while he was in One Of their prisoners.

In details, the Agency reported that “Omar Bartan”, had gone to Hawller escapinf from the pressure and harassment of the Turkish authorities after sending 12 months in their prisoners.

The Agency added that, a month after Bartan’s arrival in the city of Hawller in 3 September, 2019, Assayish’s forces arresred him and his fate still unknown, Despite the repeated questions by his Family.

The Agency added that, because of “Bartan’s Family, that Turkish authorities in the Northern kurdistan city of” sharnakh” contacted the Family in 2018 January 2021, to tell them that they arresred him, while he was trying to cross the border.

And according to ” Bartan’s Family, that in 22 February” Omar Bartan” contacted his Family from the shanakh’s prison and told them ever thing that had happened to him.

“Bartan” 28 years old, he is from a native of ” Tatwan” area in ” Badlis”, Northern kurdistan, and was arrested by the Turkish authorities, because of his politician activities, he spent more than 12 years in the prison.

Translated by :Khoshbin sheikho.

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