“Xeber24” monitors the conduct of a Russian patrol accompanied by the Syrian Democratic Forces in the countryside of “Zarkan and Tal Tamer”

Aged Zergan –

Russia conducted a patrol in the countryside of Tal Tamr and Zerkan, accompanied by a military vehicle of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which included the lines of contact between the Autonomous Administration areas and the areas controlled by the armed factions and Turkish forces in the region.

Today, Tuesday, the correspondent of “Xeber24” stated that the Russian forces conducted a patrol consisting of two vehicles, “Armored Jeep and BMB”, in addition to an escort vehicle of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Our reporter explained that the patrol set off from the Russian base in the Al-Mabaqir area of ​​Tal Tamr towards Zarkan / Aburasin, passing through the lines of contact to the village of Al-Asadiya, northwest of Zarkan, the last point of the Autonomous Administration areas.

He added, that a Russian reconnaissance plane was hovering over the sky of the region in conjunction with the passage of the Russian patrol, as the plane hovered for half an hour and then left the airspace.

Yesterday, the Russian forces also conducted a patrol in the male areas, in conjunction with two helicopters flying over Tal Tamer, amid a cautious calm after the last Turkish bombing of the area.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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