Germany is ahead of the international community and issues the first court ruling on a Syrian officer for war crimes

Pergin Hassoun –

A German court sentenced a former member of the Syrian intelligence service, Ayad Gharib, to a prison sentence of four and a half years on charges of “complicity in crimes against humanity.”

The session, which pronounced the verdict on “Gharib”, began today, Wednesday, when the Supreme Court in “Coblenz” ordered the imprisonment of the Syrian Iyad Al-Gharib, 44, for a period of 4 and a half years.

The court charged Gharib with participating in the arrest of at least 30 protesters in Douma, the largest city in Eastern Ghouta near Damascus, in September or October 2011.

She explained that those detainees were transferred to a detention facility belonging to the Syrian intelligence services.

This is the first trial in the world related to violations attributed to the staff of the Syrian regime.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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