US State Department: Iran is deviating from its commitments to the nuclear agreement and is moving in the wrong direction

Navin Resho –

The US State Department stated that Iran is moving in the wrong direction against the backdrop of the decision to stop abrupt inspections of nuclear facilities.

A spokesman for the US State Department, “Ned Price”, said, “Iran is moving further away from its obligations under the nuclear agreement and is moving in the wrong direction.”

“It is not sufficient for Iran to return to abide by the nuclear agreement, but the latter must be expanded to include other areas such as Iran’s missile program,” Price added.

He stressed the need for Tehran to return to coordination with the International Atomic Energy Agency immediately, stressing that Washington’s position is compatible with the European position regarding the nuclear deal with Iran.

Ned Price indicated that President Joe Biden’s administration is committed to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

On another issue, the US State Department spokesman said that the Biden administration believes that the two-state solution is the best settlement for the conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Translated by: Selava Omar

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