Operation Gary gave a new dose of optimism to the Kurdish people in” pan Kurdistan”

Kajin Ahmed –

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) statement, which revealed the record of the Grilla martyrs in the “Gari” saga, was greeted with pride and pride by the PKK, stressing that these martyrs had broken the thorn of NATO. second most powerful army.

According to various reports, PKK fighters were able to thwart the Turkish army’s offensive, although, Turkey used its special forces and modern technology of drones, helicopters and warplanes, as well as dozens of groups to gather intelligence on the movements of PKK fighters.

The resistance of Kurdish fighters against the advance of the Turkish army and their incursion into the “Gari” areas returned a dose of optimism to the Kurdish people throughout Kurdistan, who were living under the weight of casualties in Shengal, Kirkuk, Afrin, Sri Kanih and Kari Spey.

Many observers noted that The Resistance of “Gary” showed the success of the party fighters, using new tactics, and extreme camouflage, which confronted the modern technology of the Turkish army, and thwarted its military operation in its infancy.

Turkish Defense Minister “Khalousi Akar” had publicly admitted to justifying the failure of his forces in Gari, that the PKK had the previously knowledge of the operation, which helped them to take precautions, during the announcement of the deaths of his soldiers in the operation.

Observers confirmed that, the Turkish army, used all its military techniques, and participated in more than “20” marching aircraft and “40” warplanes, in addition to the special forces, and the preparations that preceded the operation months before the operation, did not succeed in achieving the planned targets.

The failure of Operation Gary was like an earthquake at the head of the Turkish army and its leadership and president “Recep Tayyip Erdoğan”, where the voices became loud by opening an investigation to reveal the reason for the defeat of the second largest army in NATO in front of fighters leading a guerrilla war with only machine guns

. The observers added that “Gary’s resistance, which has turned into a heroic epic that will be mentioned in history in the pages of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, has given a strong dose to the Kurdish people across Kurdistan with the victory of their cause, amid the huge number of regional plans that fight their aspirations for freedom and living with dignity.

On Monday, the PKK revealed the record of “14 martyrs” of the Grilla forces, who were martyred in the resistance of “Gari” with the Turkish army, which carried out a military operation in February 10 to 14.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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