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“YPJ” leadership confirms that the best gain for the Kurdish people is to achieve unity “

Navin Rasho –

YPJ leadership ” Nesreen Abdullah” confirmed that, they are continuing of their initiative until the kurdish unity is achieved, and called on all the political parties to sacrifice for the success of this initiative, stressing that, the best gift for the Kurdish people is to achieve the Kurdish unity.

This was made through a special statement to “Xeber24” during the Forum of Kurdish-Kurdish Differences, organized by the Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies in the city of Qamishlo, with the participation of a group of politicians and officials in “Roj Ava “and beyond.

Abdullah said: “This initiative has been working on for some time under the auspices of the SDF and America as well, several difficult meetings were held, and the most difficult stage was the political phase, faced many obstacles and the important points and the remaining details are still discussed.

“The discussion is still going on in other fields , and we hope that these negotiations and discussions will be successful,” she said.

“I hope that all those who want to achieve this unity, will not confuse and not put obstacles in the way of the negotiations, and if we are principled, our principle must be to impose the Kurdish unity, and this is important for all parties,” she said.

“Abdullah” called on anyone who sees himself as a politician and intellectual in this society and anyone who sees himself as a militant, their goal must be to achieve this unity, because the biggest gift we can give to our people is to achieve the Kurdish unity.

“I hope that we will soon announce that, we have been able to achieve this unity,” she said.

The Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies held a dialogue forum entitled “Kurdish-Kurdish Differences”, with the aim of highlighting Kurdish differences and uniting the ranks to remove these differences, amid the absence of the other party, the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) despite being officially invited by the organizing committee of the forum

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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