The Kurdish National Council says its last decision and refrains from attending Kurdish dialogue meetings

An source from the Kurdish Council revealed through "Xeber24" reasons why the Kurdish dialogue stopped

Kajin Ahmed –

The Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue between the Kurdish National Council (CNC) and the Kurdish National Unity Parties (CNC) has long stalled, despite the call of the Commander-in-Chief of the Democratic Forces of Syria (SDF) General “Mazlum Abdi” for the two parties nearly a month ago to prepare for the start of the third round, after the important strides the dialogue has made so far.

An informed source from the Kurdish Council confirmed to “Xeber24” on Sunday, that the Kurdish Council parties are waiting for an official apology by the Kurdish National Unity Parties “PYNK” for some of the excesses and statements issued by some of their leaders.

The source, who refused to be named, added that during the meeting of the delegation of the Kurdish Council “ENKS” with the U.S. Special Mission and General” Mazlum Abdi “sponsors of the Kurdish dialogue, they were placed in the form of some abuses by the other party about the statements of Mr. Aldar Khalil toward “Peshmerga”, as well as the arrest of a number of teachers and activists and the burning of offices of the Kurdish Council.

He continued: We are still waiting for “PYNK” to take a clear and frank stance position on these abuses, as some agreements between the two parties, especially in the issue of education in ” Roj Ava, were exceeded, saying that the oral agreement, which included that education should be free according to the will of the student whether, he wanted to join the schools of self-administration or schools of the Syrian regime, so that a common and internationally recognized curriculum is agreed.

He pointed out, that Mr. “Aldar Khalil” has described Peshmerga as mercenaries in previous statements, and days ago, also said in a new dialogue that, any agreement with “ENKS” is a betrayal of the blood of martyrs, pointing out that this order was delivered through an official letter by the Kurdish National Council to the American mission and General “Mazlum.
The source stressed that, the statement issued by the Kurdish National Unity Parties (PYNK) a few days ago, is not enough to launch a new round, and did not meet the required purpose in taking a clear and transparent position on the excesses that have been made.

On their lack of participation at the invitation of the Roj Ava Center for Strategic Studies yesterday, at the Kurdish Disputes Forum, he said that, this center is considered one of the institutions of self-administration, and the Kurdish Council will not participate in any joint activity with them unless, there is a final agreement between the two parties.

Turkey has confirmed its rejection of any Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, in the words of its Foreign Minister “Mouloud Jawishoglu” in a television program, in which it explicitly declared that, any dialogue with the PYD will be legitimate targets for us, and will be to deal with them as well as with terrorists.”
From the beginning, the Kurdish National Council has stalled, and has always cultivated new conditions in every meeting held by the two sides, and many observers believe that the conditions of the Kurdish Council were essentially intractable and aimed at the Kurdish agreement from the beginning.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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