Turkish Defense Ministry begins to spread false news

Berusk Hassan –

The Turkish Defense Ministry announced that it killed two YPG fighters who tried to infiltrate the area of the “Spring of Peace” known in the Kurdish center as a source of terror, but added that it killed another fighter who was preparing to attack the Euphrates Shield area.

Many observers are asking how a fighter can launch a military operation, amid media reports that Turkish forces have repeatedly targeted civilians in the area.

In a statement issued on the ministry’s Twitter account, it said that its forces killed two YPG fighters while infiltrating the Area of The Spring of Peace, a term that Turkey has launched on areas occupied within Syrian territory, the areas of Sri Kaniya and KreI Sabi / Tal Abyad, while claiming to have killed a fighter for the People’s Protection Units in the Euphrates Shield area was preparing to launch an operation alone in the Area of The Euphrates Shield, which are the areas of Al-Bab, Qabassin, Al-Ra’i and Azaa.

Translated by : khoshbin sheikho.

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